Monday, March 10, 2008

Yoga and Beer

Lee, Susan and I just started taking a series of beginners yoga classes at Whole Life Yoga and despite my grand intentions of making it seem really cool, I think the coolest part of the night for them was the drinks we had at the Baranof afterwards. Still, we did get some things accomplished. The Baranof is Greenwood's biggest dive bar, so that's checked off the list of places to visit--you know it's a dive when they have free soup in a grimy old crock pot after 9pm. We went over the yoga homework sheet, as Lee is showing, while we had beer and whiskey sours. That always makes homework better. Then after our cocktails, we went to have coffee at Wayward Coffee shop, another neighborhood haunt. At 10pm on a Wednesday it was fairly crowded, with bunches of guys playing board games at tables, good coffee and ploughman sandwiches.

We've got our next yoga class this Wednesday, but the beginner classes are sooo slow and I prefer the more energizing, flow yoga, so we'll see how it goes. At least we are always getting out there and trying new things, which is something I love about Lee and many of my friends. Never a dull moment in this corner of the world.

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  1. Soon, you're going to have to explore the other parts of your hood. For example, you're missing out on the best bar in the universe, by not visiting the Copper Gate.

    Lefse wrapped polish sausage with crispy fried onions and fries with curried ketchup! Oh and aquavit. Lots of aquavit!

    Get your Lee and your Susan, and let's meet up at the Copper Gate soon!