Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Greenwood Night Out!

I'm keeping these posts short for a while since I seem to only have about 15 minutes maximum of free time these days. We are BUSY. All of a sudden moving has been kicked into high gear and now that we officially have our home, we are getting as much done as possible over there before we move in.

We did get a night out with some of our best friends, Dannie and Rob, who are pictured above. We did the whole thing in Greenwood and had so much fun, aside from the fact that I drank too much Guinness and was kind of silly, but still, it was great.

We started the night off at 74th Street Alehouse and the wait was long, but worth it. Normally, if I have to wait more than a few minutes I'm not interested, mostly because the place is obviously packed and I'm not into crowds plus the service isn't so hot. I ended up having a warm goat cheese salad with pecans and balsamic vinagrette--I make this sort of thing at home and so it wasn't anything new to me, but it was still quite good. Then after dinner we went for dessert at Yanni's, a Greek place next door. I had baklava and ice cream and Lee and Dannie had this yummy cream filled honey thing, forgot the name, but both were super good. We need to go back there for dinner. After that we headed to Cooper's Alehouse, which is somewhat of a sports bar, but they have board games to play (yay!) and a nice laid back feeling. I really liked this place, it reminds me of the bars we used to frequent in our mid-20's--not too crowded, good pub food, good beer on tap and something to play while we drank.

Can't wait for another night like this where we have some time to blow off steam and hang out with Dannie and Rob. So far we have a date to go to the University Street Fair, by far our
favorite street fair of the year, and do some of the same. It's the first day of spring today, and I can tell that laid back feeling of summer will come soon--until then, we are not stopping.

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