Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm so sick

There's no picture for this one, I don't think anyone wants to see me right now. I've got some sort of flu and I've literally been in bed for 3 plus days now. It's a really bad week for this, considering my family has come into town and we are moving this weekend, but thanks to the help of Lee I'm not freaking out too much about it and I know all will be okay. Today I actually had the energy to turn the TV on and watch some fabulous daytime madness. I can't believe how the Hogan's, the Kardashian's, the Margera's, the the housewives of NYC live! I really like my life even more after watching them, even though they crack me up a bit. Hopefully I'll have a new entry next week from the comfort of our new home! I'm so excited to move in!!


  1. Nerd moment - I totally thought you had mispelled Cardassians (an alien race from star trek). It took me a google to realize its some reality show. heh. I recommend watching some star trek anyways.

  2. hope you're feeling better! have fun moving... in the snow?! what the?!! i can't believe it is snowing right now. :)

  3. Are you still alive? I am still sick, so I bet you are too. This nasty bug just won't go away. How goes the move?