Thursday, March 20, 2008

We're Not Handy

So Lee and I keep saying how we don't know much about home improvement projects and we are going to have to learn as we go. Well, here's a prime example of that. This is the horribly ugly and bloody wall that we painted to match another lovely burgundy wall in our new house, and obviously that didn't turn out so well. And this is after 3 coats of paint, a painting party, several trips to Home Depot, lot's of take-out, and several of our friends getting up on a very scary ladder.

This morning we called professional painters and begged for their help as soon as possible. Before we move the furniture in, before my family comes into town and before we go crazy. They took pity on us and are at the house right now, saving us. We've learned our lesson--we really suck at painting and it's not as easy as it looks. I must say though, we've been having a really good time playing house. Every mistake is a new experience that Lee and I go through together and we laugh about them all, this is the life.

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  1. i am not handy either! far from it. i had a bad painting experience once, and all i was trying to do was paint a room that was off-white to a martha-stewart greenish-blue. doesn't sound difficult, but boy, it was. :)