Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Big Game of Tetris

As our official move date of March 31st gets closer I am realizing that I'm going to have to do quite a bit of work just to have a place to put our boxes. I'm not very fond of our condo association--we didn't properly break down a box before we put it into the recycle bin and we found it on our doorstep that evening, like an ominous message saying *we'd* be chopped up into little pieces and put in a box of our own if we didn't do things correctly the next time. And once Lee parked in the guest parking spot and got a note on his windshield, the ink bleeding from the rain and plenty of profanity and threats of what would happen if he did it again. Well, now the association has decided that chimney cleaning day is March 29th, perfect timing guys. So not only do we have to move all the furniture around the living room in some sort of pattern where they can get to the fireplace, but we have to stay at home all day because it's like when they install your cable and they give you the anywhere from 8-5 time slot. Now look at the picture of our living room. This is the biggest space of emptiness we have in the whole place, how are we going to find room to move the couch and put all the boxes in there?! I'm baffled, plus I'm too cheap to buy storage for one month and I'm too stubborn to move everything twice by storing them at my sisters. So I will stack, and use my tetris game playing skills, and strategize and it WILL work! I can't wait to have actual storage closets and room for our kitchen gadgets in our new place. It will seem like a mini-mansion compared to this one!


  1. Here's an idea. I think you should rent one of those storage containers where they drop it off at your house and then pick it up on moving day. Don't forget to have them drop it off in the guest parking spot. :)

  2. the people who live in my condo building put up passive-aggressive notes everywhere. leaving the cardboard box on your doorstep is a bit much, i'd say!