Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Picture of Lee and a Piece of Paper

We needed to pick up some mail from our new place yesterday, so on our way up we also picked up our neighbor, Susan, and walked to Mr. Gyros for dinner. Turns out we really like that place. I knew there was a neighborhood meeting next door at the Neptune Coffee Shop and I wanted to see what my peeps were up to, so we headed over there after inhaling a plate of falafel and hummus. For some odd reason the city never put sidewalks in Greenwood, at least those streets above 85th, so there is a huge movement to do so as soon as possible, especially since this area is growing by leaps and bounds. We met Seattle's famous angry letter writer (Susan was *very* excited about this, like she was Joan of Arc or something), were impressed with the free Vietnamese bhan mei sammies and signed up with locals to help with the petition for sidewalks. We also each wrote a letter to the City of Seattle saying how desperately we need these sidewalks.

See above: The letter Lee wrote and then proceeded to sign my name at the bottom-isn't he adorable? Ya right! Apparently he wants me to go to jail--little does he know that I have many detailed plans to escape that situation due to my vivid imagination as a child. Or hopefully he'd bail me out if those fell through.

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  1. I think you should mention that the letter says:

    To: City of Seattle

    Give us sidewalks ASSHOLES! You'd better or else!

    Kelley Ramee"

    And yeah, I *was* very excited about meeting Kate Martin! I'm not sure she's aware that she's "Seattle's Famous Angery Letter Writer" though ;)