Sunday, August 24, 2008

Evergreen State Fair

During the sunny part of the day, Lee, Susan, Celia, Cypress and I went to the fair. The scary clown just came up to us when we were enjoying our onion burgers and elephant ears and corn dogs--I don't know about clowns and neither does Cypress. We had the best time and Susan put it in better words than I could have, so here's her blog entry. -- check it out. Thanks Sus!

During the buckets of rain part of the day, Lee took me to an outdoor festival of food, the Incredible Feast. We still enjoyed ourselves just like true Seattlites even though we got soaked to the bone, and had some excellent food. I think I liked the sliders, bacon and cheese toasted sammie, beet salad with pistachios, peach gelato and goat on corn cakes the best. I got to see all the locally famous chefs in person, instead of just on paper, and see them in action. I'll definitely be going again next year, it was well worth it, and maybe the weather will even be warm. You never know here in Seattle.

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