Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's been too long!

I just have to blog. It's been forever since I last did so and I'm starting to feel a bit depressed about it. I still don't really have time to do this, it's late and I've got to get up early, but I figured I could give you all a quick update as to what's been happening around here. Lee and I have had a busy and stressful week, it seems that it just isn't a good week for most people I've spoken to. I like to think it's the waning moon. Both of our jobs are particularly awful this week, our friends and family seem to have tragedies happening and we are as usual, very busy just doing our normal stuff. Tonight we went out for a drink and dinner at the Pig N Whistle, then met up with Dannie and Rob for some beer. Already I feel better, and I'm looking forward to a couple of days off. We are taking my nieces to the Evergreen State Fair, then going to this big chef food function at the Phinney Market. On Monday I am going to play Bingo with my Mom and Lee's Mom up at Tulalip--I think we are going to win!

We did the Gumshoe Walk last week, it's a mystery type of scavenger hunt throughout Greenwood and Phinney. It took us hours and hours to finish, it was really hard and I don't think we won the prize of restaurant gift certificates. I'm so not doing this again next year and if it weren't for Lee and Susan, I probably wouldn't have gotten the answers to the clues. We did, however, see a wonderful sunset due to the large amount of pollution in the air that day, and a couple of cute houses and streets. I know this is strange, but I love those beautiful smoggy sunsets--it reminds me that I am in the city, the best city in the world. Not the country, where I was at for way too long. I'm such an urban girl.

We had a salad with the few ripe cherry tomatoes I got from my garden last night. The rest of them are green, but plentiful, and I've narrowed down what I want to grow in my garden for years to come. Definitely tomatoes, even though they don't really ripen until September, and onions, herbs and peppers. Look at my beautiful, really hot, pepper I have grown!

Lee was working even later than I was this Saturday and sometimes when that happens I eat the things I crave that Lee just doesn't like. So I either eat eggs or spicy food. Sometimes I dream of eggs, they are the perfect food. So here's picture of the best omelet I've had in some time. Fresh eggs, gruyere, arugula and wild mushrooms sauteed in white wine. I broke the top of my lovely eggs, but it was still amazing.

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