Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I can't tell you the last time I did not much of anything on a Sunday. It's sooo nice. I had a good friend from college visit me this weekend and so I blocked out some time for her, which actually ended being some time for me as well. We had our own little Ballard pub crawl on Friday night and a BBQ with lots of Guitar Hero on Saturday night. I found out the drinks at Matador are really strong and that Lee can host a fairly big party without my help. He's incredible and sometimes I don't know how I got so lucky. But I just did, and it's pretty awesome, dude. We had some incredible grilled shrimp last night and I also made some blueberry sausages in puff pastry that were really good. Today we went to the Ballard Farmers Market, Senor Moose for chiliquiles (so yummy!) and then to Golden Gardens to stroll along the beach for a bit. I'm going to get some actual house stuff done today and celebrate with a bottle of beer, considering we had so much left over from last night. Thanks for visiting me, Maya!

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  1. K- the drinks are strong, but soooo good at the Matador. I love that place.