Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Golden Gardens Vagabond

Last night we went to Golden Gardens for a special Vagabond dinner with friends. There were a ton of people I haven't seen in a while and it turned out to be a pretty mellow night. Chef Katie demonstrated her shag dance, Lee and I walked along the beach during the sunset and we had plenty of good food. A crab and shrimp boil, pulled pork, slaw, mac n cheese and peach cobbler--a very southern bbq.

Lee's kickball team, the Sofa King's (ya, I know), needed another girl team member, so I'll be playing kickball on Wednesdays now. We practiced this evening and apparently I'm not a good runner, although I knew that. I'm just not built for running. We shall see how it goes tomorrow.

Also, I'm without a car. I got in my first car accident last week (yay?, cause it took me so long to get in one and I'm alive!), but our new car that I previously blogged about is about to be in the shop for 3 weeks. This is why I live in the city, near a bus line, 2 blocks from the grocery store and restaurants and coffee shops. When things like this happen, it really isn't so bad if you can walk everywhere, or at least take the bus. So I'm kinda enjoying it, this life without a car. Lee drives me if I need to go far and even takes me to work most of the time. It's kind of a pain in the butt to get in an accident due to the fact that I've had to run around trying to get estimates and insurance claims made, but that's really the worst part. And remember, I'm alive. That's the best part of this first accident of mine.

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  1. scary about the accident. good to hear you are ok. im here sitting in the charlevoix library trying to get some work done but obviously thats not going to well:) i wish i could eat good food like you do..im jealous.