Monday, September 1, 2008


No, not Angelina and Brad's kid. This is what Lee and I did this weekend-we went to PAX 2008, the Penny Arcade Convention that is held in downtown Seattle every year. Penny Arcade is a web comic and I would say the expo is mostly about gaming. We checked out the MC Frontalot movie, 'Nercore Rising', which I liked so much that we went and got MCF's CD's and I had him sign a t-shirt for me. Nerdcore hip hop, check it out, it's very addictive. It's in my head right now, in fact. We also went to the 'How to Get Your Girlfriend Into Gaming' forum which was way more informative than I would have thought, and also made me feel a little better about my lack of gaming skills, or the fact that I like 'girly' games. Lee went out and got me my own pink DS plus two games that appeal to me--one called 'Harvest Moon' that's about starting your own civilization and one called 'Cooking Mama' in which you have to cook really well to unlock new recipes. I'm already so addicted, and this is possibly why I shouldn't be into gaming, but it's something Lee and I can do together and I'm pretty excited to use it on the bus and on trips and such. Right now I'm just using it all the time. I'm sure you will all get a big laugh out of this picture of Lee and I in a D&D book cover. Awesome.

Last night I did Katie's makeup for the evening and we all went out to Heidi's birthday party. It was a dance party and I do like to dance, but it needs to be a little bit of hip hop, booty shaking stuff. I can do that much better than formal dancing, although I would like to learn some more structured dance moves. Katie and I went tuxedo style, me in black and her in white. Makes a good picture!

I'm feeling a little guilty and giddy about going out way too much this week. We went to Maschiko for the best sushi on earth, Lark (one that is on the list of places I've always wanted go go), Entre Nous (French tapas and my craving for cheese fondue is satisfied), Sambar (another great French place with amazing mussels and drinks) and Dragonfish, cause there wasn't anywhere else we could think of going while at PAX. Then we went out to the Original Pancake House this morning to sop up the week of alcohol, and then off to Rob's birthday BBQ where Dannie made the most incredible Phillipino food. Lumpia is yummy.

I'm saying it here, so hopefully this will keep me honest and give me the motivation to train--I really am going to walk the Seattle half marathon this year! I'm not just sayin it, really. I walk everyday, but not 13 miles, more like 3 or 4 if I'm lucky. I know I can do this, it's mostly just the intimidation of walking next to people running a marathon that freaks me out, but I'm doing it anyway. Walking is one of my favorite hobbies, so this will give me a little time for myself this fall and a chance to see every adorable little city street and quaint home in our hood.


  1. Hayley loves her DS, she wants the Imagine Master Chef game. I play air hockey on one of her games that is tons of fun. I want to get her the brain age games too for it. They sell them at Costco cheap!

  2. I'm supposed to train for the Seattle Half Marathon too! You're welcome to come to my hood to train if you would like (Sunday mornings at 8 am, rain or shine!).

    I can also come over to see you and do some walking some days if you want too. And then we can all get up really early on Nov. 30th and walk/run 13.1 miles - whoo hoo, what fun (are we crazy!)! But seriously, it's a great goal and something you can always boast about.