Thursday, September 11, 2008

A week of cooking

I had some down time this week, mostly during the day, due to a future schedule change. So I took full advantage of it and helped out with a couple of cooking classes and did some at home as well. Katie is a CIA trained chef from South Carolina and I never say 'no' when she wants to come over and cook for us, so that's what we did on Monday. She made us BLT panzanella salad with shrimp and a lovely peach pie with caramel salt ice cream.

Then, I took the pie further, by taking a pie class at CC. I finally got over my fear of making pie crust, it's so easy. My favorites were the savory pies, as I'm much more a salt lover than a sweet lover. The tomato pie was incredible, as was the swiss chard pie.

Today I took Thai cooking class and it was definitely one of my top three classes so far. The flavors in Thai food are amazing, there just isn't anything like them. The best? Green curry with eggplant and duck.

Sarah also came over this last week and we had this salad I really liked. I made it with arugula, mangoes, chicken, goat cheese and avocado--with a balsamic dressing. I have to have cheese on my salads, I'd rather have cheese than dressing any day of the week. Then add a little fruit to that, you've got salty and sweet and the perfect combo.

Yes, we eat well around here.

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