Monday, May 26, 2008

Big Grey Whale

Hey there! This was an extremely full Memorial Day Weekend.

Starting on Friday we went to Assaggio's with Meghan and Andy--that place is always really yummy. Then we went to the Cinerama that evening to see 'Indiana Jones'. Not so good, really bad ending, don't go. I managed to work on Saturday after a good 4 hours of sleep, then came home and passed out before starting on my short ribs.

Sunday morning we got up early, went to the gym to work out and then walked over to the Ballard Sunday Farmer's Market to pick up fresh bread for the HITK party. Of course we got a crepe and a couple of Seattle Dog's as well, gotta love that street food grazing. Then we cooked all day and had our dinner party, which turned out to be very grown up. Or I guess you could say I kinda felt like an adult, with a nicely set table and all the pretty stuff--fancy. The next get together will be a BBQ with greasy burgers, you know, paper plates and such. Much more casual.

Monday we got up early again to go car shopping--isn't our new used car adorable?? My old Honda was falling apart and quickly, so the CRV seemed like a great choice. We laughed so hard throughout the process of buying a car that I think the car salesman got a complex, but we crack eachother up, what can I say. In the afternoon we went to Wingdome with Dannie, Rob, Devin and Ryan, then had them over for a little Wii Mario Kart. Oh, and I dared Lee to eat a super hot wing, which he did and survived. See picture above...still alive.

Tomorrow I'm holding Heidi's hand while she gets her nosed pierced, just like the one I've got. She wants to surprise her chef hubby, Gabe, with the fancy jewel when he arrives home from France. Then I'm finally planting my basil since I think it's warm enough and picking up Sarah and Sean from the airport (they took a trip to North and South Carolina). Then it's back to work and next weekend is already full, whew.

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  1. yay for the CRV's!
    i was going to say it will be a sad day when i have to get rid of mine, but honestly i'll probably replace it with another one, that's how much i love it.