Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh, the annoying cold....again.

Yes, I seem to be sick a lot. Nothing is wrong with me. No need to be worried. I have come to the conclusion that it is a lack of sleep, since I need more than most people, combined with an over-scheduling of social functions. It's fun, fun, fun, then I hit a wall and I've got three more things planned for the day. I'll be fine though and I've taken a couple of resting days after the weekend to get back to normal, plus TheraFlu at night works wonders. It's still a bit slow at work, so they aren't too upset with me if I go home early. See, sometimes it's good when summer doesn't hit Seattle 'til July--well, it's good when you do pedicures and your not feeling so well.

We had another excellent weekend with BBQ's, Celia's 6th birthday party and a concert I'll never forget. Lee has the job of being a 'monster' most of the time Celia and Cypress see him, but it was extra hilarious seeing 7 girls freak out and lose it when he chased them down. I hear they built a monster trap for him after we left and Kimberly found it in the yard. hehe.

I went to a new gyro place the other day and thought I'd died and gone to heaven. It's 2 blocks away and it's called 'King Falafel', I had the chicken schwarma and it was so incredible. So I run home and tell Lee that it's even better than 'Mr. Gyros', our old standby. He doesn't believe me. So a week goes by and we get 'King Falafel' so I can prove my newfound love for chicken schwarma to him, and it's not good at all! I mean it's okay, but not like it was the first time. This happens to me all too often. I go somewhere new and it's awesome, I go back and it's terrible, only when I go back the second time I always take someone with me to show them how amazing the food is, then end up feeling like a shmuck that doesn't know what she's talking about. This is why McDonald's is running the world--consistency. You know you are going to get the same fries every time, and they are good without fail. I guess we are headed back to Mr. Gyros for the summer.

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