Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pictures of the Week

A few pictures to tell you how my week has been going. My gardens flowery, English looking stepping stones. Lee and I with a fresh egg from our neighbor and good friends chickens. Our new knife magnet and 2 gorgeous new knives, courtesy of my Mom's Christmas gift certificate to Epicurian Edge. The beautiful Le Creuset teapot Lee gave me for our 1 year anniversary.


  1. Why oh why oh why can't I get my ground cover to do that? Why????

    But hey, my knives line up like that, and that's my kitchen the egg got cooked in and I even have that exact same teapot. Okay, a little rusted for some inexplicable reason. Shouldn't it be rust-proof?

    Sorry to lose you at the Market yesterday. So happy to see you Sat night!!

  2. No time to blog anymore, so we get pictures instead? Oh, the shame.... No, it's nice to see what you're up to.

    And I, too, adore that ground cover between your stones. I would try it over here on Beach Drive, but I'm sure the horsetails would devour it in a matter of days. So we're just going to cement our stones in! Ah, such is the life...