Thursday, February 4, 2010

Much better than crabby patties.

I'm not sure if dungeness crab is always this inexpensive, but for some reason I don't remember it being $6 a pound last year or the year before or the year before. I've asked a few butchers why it's so cheap and no one can explain, so we are in crab heaven. It ends up being about $10 per crab, which isn't particularly inexpensive, but it beats going out to a restaurant for crab any day. And it's cooked and cleaned and ready to be taken home and cracked. Typically I make homemade thousand island dressing and lemon butter for it and we just eat it like a crab cocktail, but we had got so much meat out of these two crabs that I decided to make crab melts. This was the best idea ever, they were amazing. We had crab melts and crab salad with avacado. I was in so much crab heaven that Lee got annoyed with the sounds I was making while eating it, but really, it was soooo good.

There is a new food writer in town, he's replaced Jonathan Kauffman at Seattle Weekly. His name is Jason Sheehan and I've been following the Voracious food blog (aka Seattle Weekly's food blog) since he started his job a little over a week ago. I wasn't sure I liked him at first since he's a meat and potatoes guy from Denver that didn't seem to know much about the Pacific Northwest food scene, but he's really grown on me and now I comment all the time on his posts. I really like that he writes every single day (yay!) and that he has a no nonsense attitude about food. He has sort of an edge and he doesn't say he likes something just because it's local and organic. He also seems to be obsessed with Grant Achatz of Alinea, which Lee and I are too (we went there on our honeymoon.) I put his Voracious blog on the sidebar of this blog if you want to check him out.

Here's a yummy breakfast sandwich I made with farm fresh eggs. I'm on a quest to find the best bacon in Seattle, so this one is made with Hemplers. I say no to that one.

This is a risotto I made with wild mushrooms, asparagus and chicken. I used the mushroom glace that Lee and I bought at a specialty spice store when we were in Chicago for our honeymoon. It was excellent, but too filling, so I had to bring it to work.

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