Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting Lost Quickly

The final season of Lost will end on May 23rd after six seasons on the air.  If you've been a fan of the show since the beginning, this final season is leaving you with anxious anticipation, teasing you with revelations that may once and for all reveal the mysteries of the island.  If you're instead like me, you're probably wondering what all the fuss is about.  I decided that I didn't want to miss out on what could potentially be definitive scifi cultural moment, so I decided to watch the entire series and catch up in time to watch the final episode with my friends.
Because Lost is known for having a very intricate, detailed, and at time convoluted plot I kept notes to make sure I wouldn't forget details, plot points, and my own questions as the story unfolded.  Very stream of conciousness. Because it think it's interesting I've posted my notes for season 1 after the jump.  Obligatory spoiler warnings here.

~Start of Season 1 here~

16 years - the others are dead -french woman? - Danielle Rousseau
Miracle? Why can Locke walk on the island?
Kate's Favor? - Get the money for the old farmer.
LATE on charlies fingers?
Helen? Locke's phone lover
Man in black suit?
Joanna woman in riptide? Does she ever come back?
Claire - pregnant lady
Jack's Dad? WTF? On the island? What's up tween jack and his dad, what he do?
Who knocked out the Sayid? Locke?
Stones on dead body in cave adam and eve?
What's up with Jin?
What happened to Charlies Brother Liam?
Why is sawyer such a dick?
Who's the guy who loaned his money to Sawyer?
Cable into the ocean?
What happened to nadia? Living in Irvine Cali. Sayid on the way
What must claire raise her child? WTF MATE?
WTF Ethan? why is he super strong?
Charlie die and brought back by island to die later?
What is the toy plane in kates enevelope? From Tom, the dead doctor guy.
How does Locke know how to do all this shit?
Sawyer got arrested in Australia?
Why is the compass off so bad?
WTF? Shannon and Boone?
What's goin on with the hatch? Light? Someone inside?
Who drove car that knocked michael out? Important?
Why is Susan a giant bitch?
Polar bear attack WTF?
Why is Walt special?
Whispers? Real or imagined?
Black Rock? Is actually a boat?
Why did Sawyer not tell Jack about meeting his dad? Eventually did, before leaving on Raft.
Who is the real sawyer?
Hurley and the cursed numbers? What's going on?
What did hurley put his family through?
Same Lady was with Sawyer as drew the Lotto numbers? Significant?
Hurley owns a chunk of Lockes box company?
Why was Hurley in an insane institution?
1988, numbers transmited by the island. lured in rosseau, eventually got to hurley
Locke's Brother?
Dead Body from plane in tree? Nigerian Priest? Heroin Smugglers
Why do Locke's legs stop working suddenly?
Boone dies as Baby aaron is born? Coincidence?
What did the other person on the radio say?
When did Jack save Sarah's life?
Why does the baby respond to sawyer?
Who is Kate's TOM? He's a doctor? Doctor died. Is this who Kate killed? Airplane.
Who is Kate's Diane? Her Mom, why is she so upset with Kate, What did kate put her through?
How did Walt know to say "Don't open it?" Why did he say "Yes we do" when asked to leave?"
What did Kate do that she's so crazy to get away?
The Others? Whispers people or people from tail of plane?
Black smoke heralds the coming of the others?
What is it with babys being kidnapped on this island?
What's causing the black smoke column? Large torches on beach. Unrelated to Monster?
What's with Ana Lucia? She's in the back of the plane. Seat 42F. Near the tail.
Sawyer in Australia. He headbutted a minister. Real name James Ford. Banned from 'stralia.
Shannon got Sayid f'd over in the airport.
Did walt jedi mind trick Vincent back to shore?
Wow, sucks to be Arzt.
Mr. Paik hunting down Jin. Whose the guy?
NO seriously wtf is it with kidnapping children on this island?
Michael Mom? Did walt hear micheal offer to give him to her?
Smoke Monster. Locke saw it before why didn't it kill him then? It's knocking down trees.
Smoke monster. Mechanical? Organic? Both? Nanosmoke from the future?
Why is the watch so imporant that it had to be hand couriered to America?
Hurley worst luck. The numbers on the shirt and the gate? Giant sweat hug. hehe.
Why do the others want Walt?
Why are the number in the hatch
What's in the hatch?
~End of Season 1~

So next up is Season 2. By my calculations there are 95 episodes before the series finale. And there are 86 days before May 23rd. So I have to average about 1.2 episodes a day, every day to catch up.  Once I'm done with Season 2, I'll make another post similar to this one. But next, ice cream!


  1. Oh so many much to understand. So much forgotten by me who has watched from the beginning. It couldn't all be significant...or could it?

  2. I did the same thing with Lost. Last year from August to December I watched them all. And I'm so glad I did. It really is the best tv show ever. (Well, ok... Lost ties with Seinfeld.) By watching it all at once you're at an advantage because you won't die of suspense and you'll remember the details. Of course it helps that you are taking notes. If I had taken notes all I would have written is WTF over and over again. :) But fun to read - keep posting them!
    Have fun catching up!

  3. Seriously I laughed at all the WTF's and then I laughed even harder when I read Rose's post! I have had a friends season one for...yes...TWO YEARS and have not started it. After Rose and our friend Tina talking about it at the scrapbooking weekend I must carve out time to watch it. The good news for me is that by the time I get through it, they may actually have the very last season out on DVD. I guess I better buy a big notebook to take notes! :)