Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pictures from our big auction dinner

Goat Cheese Quenelle with a Black Pepper Strawberry Sauce and an Almond Tuile
Short Ribs Braised in Coffee and Wine served over Polenta with Frizzled Leeks. A Salad of Fennel, Pecorino and Grapefruit on the side.
Cube of Watermelon with Aged Balsamic and Kosher Salt.
Tomato Tartar with a Gruyere Chip, Basil Oil and Shallot Dressing.
Our Send Home Mignardise of a Caramel Salt, Chocolate and Sea Salt Covered Pretzel.
Tempura Fried Shiso Leaf with Tuna Tartar.
Fried Pork Belly with a Garlic Herb Coulis.
Gougeres Stuffed with Crab, Avacado and Chives.
Our Menu Printed By Kimberly.

The dinner was great! We had so much fun planning and are excited to do it again next year. I'm thinking miniature comfort foods, hmmm.

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  1. This is amazing!! The pictures, the menu, you definitely have the skills. And I have to thank you THANK YOU for mentioning the Le Creuset outlet store - my boyfriend and I headed up there and we now are the proud owners of a beautiful skillet and dutch oven type thing!!