Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Hi guys. I know I don't blog much anymore and I'm sorry about that, but I really just haven't felt like sitting down at the computer lately. That's what happens when the weather gets better and your computer decides to die, making every move extremely slow--and I have to admit I don't have much patience for slow technology. If I have to wait 5 minutes for my computer to get online, I'm already off and doing something else around the house and when it does finally function, I'm just not feeling it anymore. Someday I will get myself a pretty Mac laptop, but that will take some saving on my part. So until then, I'll spend time reading, watching movies and enjoying life.

This past month I've accomplished quite a bit--got a beautiful wedding dress for myself, fitted all my bridesmaids in cute 50's style black dresses, spring cleaned the whole house, worked in the yard, started training for my job tending suites for the Sounders games at Qwest (yes, I'll have two jobs now), spent lots of time cooking and planning for our big auction dinner in May and did lot's of pedicures outside of work. I'd also like to add that although I'm kind of exhausted from the time change, I haven't been sick since October of '08. This is big for me because I get sick every time someone around me is sick, and I've been around sick kids and sick co-workers, and yet, I've been super healthy. I have this wacko idea that someone told me once to put vaseline in your nose to prevent colds since we get many colds through the cracked veins in our nostrils. I've been doing this and it seems to have worked. I know Lee is laughing at me right now. It's cooky.
I had my first attempt at homemade pasta this month and it was.....chewy. It was really good and I could eat it every day, but it wasn't delicate or light as some pasta is. I did roll it out thin, but I don't think I know how to get it lighter, so I'll have to keep trying. I made a mexican coleslaw with cabbage, onion, cilantro, avacado, mango, jalepeno and a yogurt dressing. Very tasty, but after eating it for leftovers 4 days in a row, I don't think I'll be eating that again any time soon. I tend to make too much, but I try not to, and I simply can't throw food away until I can't stand to look at it anymore. And even then, I might make something else out of it. I made a whole wheat crust pizza with kale, mushrooms and goat cheese. I like the Trader Joe's whole wheat crust best. And I made paninis with turkey, sundried tomatoes, arugula and swiss. I could eat like 10 of those.
Yesterday I finally made it to Pies and Pints--I've always wanted to go so I was super excited. The ads in the Stranger, my favorite local paper, show ladies all tattooed and pierced presenting you with lovely pies in their hands. It's an Irish that serves beer and pies, but pies as in chicken pot pie, and lamb potato pie and beef curry pie. With optional beer cheese smothered on top. And it comes with homemade soup, which was corn jalepeno. They also serve mini reubens in puff pastry with a side of Russian dressing and mustard. And for dessert?? Yes, it's Guinness cake. I was in heaven. You've got to go if you come up our way--I'm drooling now.

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