Monday, July 21, 2008

Changing My Perspective

You may have noticed I took the subtitle of my blog off that I had initially intended on writing about....'making Greenwood the other Cap Hill of Seattle'. Yea, that's just not going to happen. I still love Capital Hill and all of it quirks and it will never be Greenwood. That being said, I really like it here, I really love our home and my life is one that I could never complain about. In fact, I don't know how I got so damn lucky. So I'm continuing to blog about my food related activities and all the wine I currently drink ( I think it's a summer thing), but I also write about my life and the love of my life, Lee, and our family and friends. I'm back to the beginning of this outlet being a journal, sometimes personal and sometimes not, but something that gives me a way to tell people what's going on around here and talk about who I am.

So what exactly has been happening? Well, turns out summer is even busier than winter was, but in a more 'sure, I'll have a margarita with lunch'!, kind of way. It's hot and sticky and I need to stay hydrated, and my mind needs to be a little more laid back on these kinds of days. So we started our vacation to Michigan with this in mind and have been enjoying our summer to the fullest. All of my siblings and my Dad and Step-Mom were in Michigan and we don't get together all at once very often, so we had a really good time. We laid in the hammock, picked cherries, lit fireworks, had a bonfire, ate Moose Tracks ice cream every day, went to Chef Charles every other day, went pirate mini golfing, swam in Lake Michigan and read a bunch. Chef Charles has the best pizza on earth and I have to fly across the country to get there, therefore I go as much as possible when I'm there. Also, we don't have Moose Tracks ice cream here. It's vanilla with little peanut butter cups and Macinac Island Fudge all throughout the whole thing. It's the best! I think Lee's highlight was finding that you could buy fireworks, alcohol and junk food all at one grocery store. You just don't find that in Seattle.

Since we've been home, we have been going out almost every night and enjoying summer while we can. My old friend from high school came to visit and we caught up on all the things I forgot about, apparently my memory isn't so good, but we had fun and I hope we can visit her in Sonoma, California soon. We also went to Molly Moon's again, the new ice cream place with funky flavors--still think that caramel salt is the best. We had dinner at Palace Kitchen and went to see 'The Dark Knight' last weekend, I recommend you go out and see it. There were many other things that went on, but most recent in my memory since I just ate the leftovers, is the fabulous dinner that Lee cooked for us last night. And Katie, our own personal CIA chef, helped out as well. I just like to say that cause it makes me feel like Oprah. Well, not really just like Oprah. Anyway, we went to the Ballard Market twice yesterday to fill up on the things we missed the last few weeks (Seattle dogs, Veraci Pizza, Buckwheat Crepes), and also picked up some dinner items for an impromptu party.

Here's our menu for our Sunday dinner, much of which includes herbs from our garden:
Caprese salad on a stick with balsamic jelly
Green beans with shallots and pinenuts
BBQed shrimp with garlic and herbs
Gnocchi with morel sauce
Chocolate cherry malts (honoring our trip to Michigan)

I love morels. They are heaven in my mouth. I'm out.


  1. Congrats on your new perspective. I never got why you wanted Greenwood to be the new Cap Hill anyway. Though I was so ready to leave, so maybe my perspective was skewed too. I'm happy with my Ballard.

  2. moose tracks ice cream is da bomb! i don't know if it is exactly the same as what you can get in michigan, but they sell it at safeway. yummers!

  3. That salted caramel didn't work for me! Here's my review for comparison.

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