Monday, April 7, 2008

In the thick of it

I'm so exhausted, but I have internet now and therefore I have at least one thing that reminds me a normal life. I'm not going to make this a depressing blog entry because I'm pretty darn happy, I'm just trying to figure out how to get settled in this new place and new neighborhood. We've unpacked the kitchen stuff and most things we use on a daily basis, other than that we are kinda just looking at stuff and thinking of putting it somewhere at some point. I'm sure it will get done, after all, I've made a list of 'things to do' so they will be done! I am going to Maui with my Mom and Kimberly in a week and I'm going to try to make this place comfortable and homey for Lee by then. We've gone walking around the neighborhood a bit, visiting coffee shops and grocery stores and eating gyros. Oh, and drinking malts from Red Mill. It's been pretty wild this first week and I know things are looking up now that I've caught up on sleep and I'm not sick anymore.

The cats are all out of sorts as well. They sleep on several different spots on the couches and beds every day, just to make sure any free time I have is spent cleaning cat hair off things. And Puzzo makes this satanic noise that scared our friend last night because he's still not used to his surroundings. They don't even want to go outside yet, so their litter box is full by the end of every day. It's a lovely treat that I get to clean the litter before going to bed. And to think we are going to get another one of these soon! They are awfully cute though.

I made our first dinner the other night and the sight of my sandwiches ready to be put into the panini press was such a happy one for me--it definitely made me feel more at home. We walked to the store and also went to the Ballard Market this past Sunday, so I decided to make panini's with mozzerella, tomato, basil, avacado and peppery salami. Kind of pretty and spring-y. We also picked up fresh local feta cheese and some homemade fennel pasta for a traditional spaghetti dinner we had last night. It was very tasty.

By the way, I do love our home. I'm excited for a garden, for dinner parties with friends and family, to explore and take walks around our neighborhood and to build all these new things together with Lee. Plus just coming home every day is so wonderful, this place is starting to shape up quite well.


  1. i wish i could order one of these sandwiches for lunch today.
    i seriously read this post yesterday and had to come back and take another look at the sandwiches because i'm that hungry and they looked that delish.

  2. Have a wonderful trip. Everything will get put away eventually. We still don't have everything unpacked, and stuff gets moved around a ton here, until I am happy with it's home!
    A garden sounds wonderful. Fresh tomatoes, onions, carrots, etc.