Sunday, April 20, 2008


Here I am with Kimberly and Mom in beautiful Maui. It's really much nicer than I thought it would be--I know you are all thinking, 'Umm, of course it's nice'. But I am the whitest girl on earth and I don't tan, therefore I'm not a big fan of the sun, which is why I love Seattle!! I also don't do well in the heat, it sort of puts me in an instant bad mood. So Hawaii is generally not my favorite place. I'd prefer Ireland or London or even our home back in Seattle. This time in Hawaii is different though (I've been here several times and haven't seen the draw)-- I actually like it. Last night I couldn't stop saying how romantic and breezy and cool and beautiful it looked. I even think Lee would like it when it's cooler like this--now I've got visions of us coming here as well as every other place we dream of, the list is getting bigger. We took a quick flight where I got a movie and a nap in, plus marveled at the amount my seat-mate could drink. I've never seen a man drink that much, that fast, on land, much less on a plane. Then we did some local shopping for papayas and pineapples and snacks, arrived at the condo and had mahi mahi and a blue hawaiian under the bright moon with the palm trees and waves right in front of us. Just like the movies.

Today we are renting a cabana next to the pool and going to a nice restaurant for dinner. Tomorrow I'm going to do yoga in the morning and mostly the same schedule for the rest of the week. There are lots of foo foo drinks here, so I plan on drinking those as well. In the shade of course.


  1. Gorgeous photo. I envy you the warmth and the sun and the balmy evening breezes!

  2. I love a good blue hawaiin. Got blitzed on those before a concert one time. Very fun! Have a great vacation.