Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our New Home

I've been wanting to do this for quite a while, this blogging thing, but it seems a little intimidating now that I sit down to write my first entry--I guess that's why it's taken me about 4 months to actually do it. This is the modern version of an ancient hobby I used to do daily--writing in my diary by hand with an actual pen, something people rarely do these days now that we've got all of these other ways to get the word out. I used to be terrified to let anyone read my diary, thinking that I was so different from others that if anyone read it, they would certainly banish me to an island all by myself since no one on this earth could possibly understand little old me. Since then, I've come to know many people that are just as nutty as I am and there are thousands of people that might even join me on my wacky island of nuttiness, plus growing up made me realize I'm not really as crazy as I think. So now I'm letting the whole world read my diary and I'm completely okay with that. Wow, full circle.

I had a nickname a few years ago that stuck with many of my friends and I still kind of like it-- Spice. And my new neighborhood that we will be moving into soon is Greenwood, hence the title of my blog, A Bit of Spice in Greenwood. I got the name Spice when I was a waitress at Madison's Cafe, a cool restaurant in West Seattle where they'd have local bands at night and awesome breakfasts in the morning. The chefs were all musicians and we would hang out after every shift and laugh and drink and sing. One day they just started calling me Spice and when I asked them why, they said it's because I tasted like cinnamon. Now, not only is this completely untrue, but I will be the first to tell you that none of them knew what I tasted like. Cinnamon isn't a bad choice though, it's a lot better than 'you taste like epoisses', so I went with it.

Most of my life I've based vacations, general thoughts and yearnings around the quest for amazingly good food. They now call people like me 'foodies'--which was great when I first heard of this since I now had a group of people just like me that thought of breakfast immediately after finishing dinner, but I'm starting to dislike the word altogether. It seems sort of weird, like 'furry' or something. If you don't know what a 'furry' is and you are a family member, please don't look it up and if you do, don't blame me for putting those images in your head. Any way, I digress.

I am deteremined to love this new neighborhood of mine named Greenwood and part of that falling in love with it will be discovering every restaurant and coffee shop and local haunt that calls my name. One thing I love about Capitol Hill is that you can walk to all these amazing restaurants and grocery stores and shops and there are so many cool artists and bohemians around you--I'm really hoping I can make this feeling of home and belonging true for me in my new hood. Most of my blog will be about this, you may even get some fancy pictures now that I'm all hi-tech and stuff. It's like I'm the new Greenwood food critic! Well, for my own little blog... that I can say for sure at least one person will read and that's Lee, because he *has* to read it since I'm his girlfriend and we are doing this moving into a new home thing together. He's the president of my fan club and at this point, the only member. Thanks Babe!

I think this is going to work out well--it's a fantastic creative outlet and it's cheap, a word I really like now that we've purchased our first home. And if I'm really lucky, maybe even someone else will get something out of it. Welcome to my world!


  1. Hey!! I'm a member of your fan club too! In fact, I was a member *before* Lee was!

    Welcome to the neighborhood and welcome to blogging!

  2. i'll be checking this regularly, the blogger that i am :)

    btw, love greenwood & love the new house!!!

  3. Man, I'm so excited about you living in my hood! Though, I'm a mile away and technically I live in Crown Hill/North Ballard.

    There is a great little chinese place on 85th across from Gorditos. They're cheap, but really amazingly tasty. Also, if I can walk from my house to Red Mill, you can practically include Fremont as part of your hood. Can't wait to see the new place!


  4. Hey Spicey...I can hear your voice through your writing--super real and funny. I look forward to reading about your steamy affairs of the stomach! PS - that is one sexy betty photo of you--MEOW!

  5. Kell,
    I am part of your fan club too!
    Congrats on the new place. Glad you have joined our crazy blog world.
    Hi to Lee.
    Jen, Mark, Hayley, Molly