Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter Photo Update

Here are a few of the things we did this winter, since spring seems to be well on it's way.

We got married! November 14th, 2009. And we love each other more and more every day, really.

Lee played video games while Celia wore my snuggie and played her Gameboy and Cypress sucked her thumb, I just like this picture I guess. :)

Our friends and family volunteered at Christmastime to stuff stockings for children all over the Seattle area. It was started by Coast Guard wives and has become a huge help to families in need and a tradition for us.

Cypress and I made a leaning gingerbread house.

New Year's Eve was Chinese Food and yet another game night with friends.

Had to have one food picture! This is an app plate we made up just one evening. Apples, cheese, almonds, prosciutto, gruyere pinwheels and spanish flatbread.

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  1. Hi Kelley - I really love your wedding pic - can you tell me who your photographer was? Thanks!