Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Planning Has Begun

I thought you might like this picture of Lee. Last night he babysat my godchild, Ryan, and I met him when I got off work just in case he needed me to help out (aka diaper changing). As usual, he found a way to entertain himself by writing no less than 25 phrases on Ryan's Magna-doodle. I am so thankful she's not able to read yet, to say the least. I chose the tamest of the words he wrote---but he did crack me up all night.
We went to the University District Farmers Market on Saturday and found quite a bit more than I had thought was growing in the winter, this is typically the 'chef's' weekly market because of the abundance of local fruits and veggies. There are even two mushroom stands with beautiful black trumpets out this week. And today we went to the Ballard Sunday Market, which is typically the one we go to, and checked out the colorful potatoes and kale (one of my favorite veggies, by far). And the newest and best arrival to the markets?? There is this lady who makes fried egg sandwiches with local eggs, cheese and fresh bread--this is possibly the perfect breakfast, so I'm happy she set up shop.

I edited and added a few links to the right of here as well. The Slog is the Capital Hill and alternative news source that I've been getting plenty of my news lately. Nancy Matthews Blog is a personal blog of a high school friend of mine who recently had a double lung transplant due to cystic fibrosis--it's just amazing to see the progress she is making. The New York Times, All Recipes and Epicurious are some of my favorite websites.

And wedding planning well underway, thanks to all the help I've got from sisters and mom's and Lee and friends and so on. We've got the reception and ceremony site, the photographer, the florist and the honeymoon place. Oh, and I've got the groom. That's the most important part.


  1. I get wedding fever thinking about the excitement of when Mark and I went through our planning. I can't wait until we've been married long enough to throw a huge party...I'd like to do it at 15 years, but 25 would probably be more appropriate :).
    Love ya!

  2. The best part about the picture of Lee is that Ryan is in the background crawling on the top of the furniture... :-) I guess they both found ways to entertain themselves!

  3. Where are you going on your honeymoon?? I guess I'm just the wedding planner, not the honeymoon planner....

  4. All Recipes and Epicurious are my absolute favorites! Although I did get some more culinary inspiration for Christmas in the form of cookbooks. Barefoot Contessa in Paris and Bills Food by Bill Granger. Fab! Andrea
    Talk Soon. Happy VERY Belated Birthday!!